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One of the most delightful children’s books I have seen in a long time is Peter McCarty’s Jeremy Draws a Monster. This is the story of Jeremy, a small lonely boy who finds a way to fill a boring day. Too nervous to go outside and make new friends, Jeremy spends a day indoors drawing for his own amusement. Suddenly, the Jeremy’s drawing of a monster comes to life and takes over his day. This monster is not nice or helpful or polite. He bosses Jeremy around and sleeps in his bed. How is Jeremy going to get rid of the monster and find a way to enjoy his own boring day? Read this book to find out!

I have had a number of boring days in my life – summer vacations when my friends were out of town, the quarantine of chicken pox, school holidays that leave me in a ghost town. This book got me wondering what I draw to life to spice up a boring day.

 5.  Peter McCarty and his illustrations. I loved every square inch of this book, especially the spiky-headed monster (whose clothes looked suspiciously like those of Jeremy). This whimsical storytelling paired with delightful illustrations could keep me occupied for hours.

4.  An old fashioned movie theater. Movie marathons are one of my favorite rainy-day stay-in-my-pajamas-all-day hobbies. I love the old black-and-whites and the idealism and potential of the golden age of cinema. I enjoy modern movies, too, but there’s something about the films that pioneered the way we tell stories today. I just love them!

3.  Music. I love all kinds of music, and the feelings they evoke. I can spend hours relaxing to my favorite tunes. The right song can take me back in time, or bring me to an old friend, or just make me feel like me.

2.  Books. To me, reading is the ultimate escapism. Every since I was young, I loved getting lost in a good book. I am snobby selective in my reading. There are many books I refuse to pick up and even more that I refuse to finish. However, I have perfected the art of shedding my world off my skin and diving headfirst into another.

1.  Friends. Friends were the big thing Jeremy was missing. Too afraid to find a partner in crime, he had to create his own, and boy was that a mistake! A good friend can fill a boring day with bright colors and warm laughter.

To learn more about Jeremy or to bring some life to a boring day, check out this video of Cole and Dylan Sprouse reading Jeremy Draws a Monster at the White House Easter Egg Roll!