After enjoying Peter McCarty’s Jeremy Draws a Monster, I wanted to see some of his other work. Hondo and Fabian is the story of two friends, Hondo the dog, and Fabian, the cat. Even though they are different, in their species and in the way they enjoy spending their time, they are still able to be good friends. While Fabian enjoys the creatures comforts he finds at home, Hondo looks for adventure outside. Each aspect of one’s day corresponds to the other, and we see that both were able to have a fun and satisfying day even though they did it in utterly different ways.

 Reading Hondo and Fabian reminded me of the many odd pairings I’ve seen in print and on screen. The saying “opposites attract” seems to hold true as a major recurring theme in storytelling. This book made me think of my favorite odd couples.

5.  Felix and Oscar. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about odd pairings without mentioning Neil Simon’s bachelors came to life on the big and small screen and will forever be the quintessential example to me of the “Odd Couple”. I love that I can identify so well with both of them. Somewhere deep inside of me is a Felix trying to explain to Oscar what a “ladle” is and an Oscar who would rather destroy dinner than find out.

4.  Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. While I hesitate to publish this,the classic Francine Pascal Sweet Valley Twins series was a staple of my childhood and has continued to be a guilty pleasure as I have grown up. The news that a new series will be published next year that shows the Wakefield girls ten years after high school has really made my summer. Oh Liz and Jess, how could two girls who look so much alike be so so different?

3.  Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. One of the bright spots of my week is NBC’s 30 Rock. While the show is full to the brim with odd pairings, my favorite is the working relationship between Liz and Jack. While these two couldn’t differ more in their political ideals or professional priorities, they complement each other in ways that are both touching and hilarious.

2. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson . I grew up watching the classic detective duo, and as I’ve grown older, I’m more and more entertained by their dynamic. Growing up, I was never too concerned with Holmes’s complete lack of social skills, but now I see that he couldn’t survive without Watson. What a pair!

1. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has been a staple of my reading for the past decade. I have read and reread the books so many times, I feel these characters are a part of my life. Ron and Hermione are a perfect example of how opposites complement one another. Throughout seven books, they kept me in stitches with their wit and banter. While there are a lot of FanGirls waiting for their big romantic moment, I’m satisfied watching them argue. *sigh* Is it November 19th yet?

If you want to learn more about Hondo and Fabian, check out Peter McCarty’s website!