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I don’t really know what to say about Eric Craddock’s BC Mambo, part of the Stone Rabbit series, other than I’m pretty sure I’m not his target audience.  BC Mambo is the story of Stone Rabbit (I’m not sure that was the name he was born with, but I’m pretty sure that was never addressed) and how he fell through a hole in his bathroom floor with a bottle of barbecue sauce and ended up in a prehistoric dinosaur-land ruled by a teeny tiny man in a mechanical dragon costume.  He fights the man with his words and his army of cave-rabbits.  It’s the first of a series, and I don’t think I see myself banging down the door of the library to see how things turn out.  There are many things that kept me from truly enjoying this book.

5.  I am not a twelve year old.  There was a lot of funny (peculiar, not “haha”) little eccentricities, especially in Stone Rabbit’s speech (like his incessant use of the word “crudmonkeys”), that I think appeal to a much younger audience.

4.  I am not a boy.  The elements of visual and verbal humor, which I will discuss below, were much better suited  for a male than a female, for reasons that are so branded into my psyche that I cannot even verbalize them.  There is nothing delicate or elegant about this book.

3.  I do not like (or only like particular kinds of) potty humor.  This book literally begins and ends in the bathroom.  It’s a cheap laugh as far as I’m concerned.

2.  I think humor comes from more than just insults.  The characters in this book hurl names at one another completely unprovoked.  It’s just not my thing.

1.  I have grown up surrounded by  beautiful, hilarious, and exciting stories, and BC Mambo just seems pale and contrived and rediculous.

For some real fun, I would recommend Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events  or, my personal favorite, Alan Riley’s Book of Bunny Suicides.