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I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed William Boniface’s Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy.  It’s the story of young Ordinary Boy, known as O Boy to his friends, growing up in Superopolis, a place where everybody has one superpower.  Everybody but O Boy, anyways.  O Boy and his friends find themselves in a goosechase to locate a full collection of the cards from the League of Ultimate Goodness and find out the secret of Meteor Boy, the former sidekick of everybody’s favorite superhero The Amazing Indestructo, who disappeared years earlier.  Sprinkled throughout the narrative are delightful illustrations and pages from the “Lil Hero’s Handbook” explaining the people and places we encounter in the book.

It was obvious throughout the story that, even without what you would consider “superpowers”, O Boy’s logic and smarts keep his and his friends’ heads above water more than any of the group’s other powers.  It got me thinking about the ordinary kinds of “superpowers” that make life easier.

5.  Time Management.  There are never enough hours in my day.  Moment with family and friends seem to slip through my fingers just as easily as the hours I toil over work.  I see others, Masters of Time, who breeze through without a problem.  I would love to have that power!

4.  Charm.  You know those people who can give a look or a smile and have the world in the palm of their hand?  It has nothing to do with beauty or intelligence.  It’s that little quality we can’t quite put our finger on that makes certain people the center of the universe.  With the Power of Charm, I’d never say the wrong thing, or be afraid to speak my mind.

3.  Initiative.  I’ve always been jealous of the Go-Getter.  I’m much more the I-Don’t-Even-Know-Where-To-Begin.  There is a task before me, and I panic.  Once I get started, I’m fine, but it’s brutal getting to that point.  If I were Initiativized, I could be ten steps ahead of the game and never feel like I was catching up.  I’d be on top of the world.

2.  Empathy.  I’m working on this, but I think the world could benefit from even more people jumping on board.  Military conflicts could be avoided, prejudice and racism eraticated, and Middle School would be a lot more tolerable.

1.  Resiliance.  I think the ultimate talent is to be able to jump back up every time you fall down.  Life gives everyone pot shots, and as far as I can tell, the difference between the failure and success is the ability to try again.